Level 1 is a three course modular YTT of an authentic & effective Yoga tradition.

1. Foundation Course: Heart of Gold - Available Now

2. Master Course: Build Your Fire - Coming Early 2023

3. Teacher Training: Shine like a Diamond - Coming Early 2023

***Complete all three and become a 200RYT Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher***

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    Is there more to my human experience than just my physical body?

    Learn to achieve a deeply peaceful sense of love that pervades your daily life.


    Why do bad things to good people?

    Level 1 is designed specifically to reduce negative emotions and help us create a new world.


    Why do things work sometimes and other times they don’t?

    Gain mental clarity on the nature of reality, to create the world you believe is possible.

Who is Lady Niguma?

Lady Niguma is considered one of the most important and influential yoginis of 10-11th century India.

The woodblock prints of her asana system were recently rediscovered, and are now considered to be the oldest known recorded yoga asana sequence.

This tradition has come down through an unbroken line from Lady Niguma herself over 1,000 years. But this is the first time her wisdom has been made available this way. By pouring over decades of study and practice, years and years of silent retreat, our team has poured their experience and wisdom into these courses for you.

Why study her system?

Mastery of Lady Niguma’s yoga has the ability to radically transform a practitioner’s experience of the world in a very short period of time.

By combining the outer methods of the physical elements of yoga with the inner practices of the traditional and ancient systems, results manifest more quickly.

This is how we get answers to life's biggest questions.

It's like walking around in a dark room searching for a light switch.YSI is here to show you where the switch is and how to flip it—so the mysteries of the subtle body become manifest.

Lady Niguma Level 1 Map

Level 1 is a series of three courses designed to be taken in sequence. 

Begin with the Foundation Course to learn the essential principles of developing a Heart of Gold. This centers around Lady Niguma’s 5 Goals and 4 Movements which make up the underlying theory of the Series 1 asana sequence.

For practitioners who want to deeply integrate these principles and methods, the Master Course was designed to dig deeper into the system taught in the Foundation Course. Here you will learn new variations of the Foundation practices in a retreat setting to Build Your Fire.

Finally, for those interested in honing in their asana practice and who have a desire to share this teaching with others, the Teacher Training will elaborate on biomechanics, general asana sequencing theory, and other essentials that prepare them to pass the tradition to the next generation and Shine like a Diamond.

The three modules were designed to completely prepare a student to become a professional yoga teacher. It's up to you to live these teachings and know them within yourself. These courses are a thorough beginning to that journey. 

There are 3 Levels that complete Lady Niguma’s Yoga teaching. To progress to the next level, a student must earn certification in Level 1. Students seeking to embody and live this practice deeply, it is recommended to complete the entire Level 1 before progressing to Level 2. 

The Teacher Training can be audited for a reduced rate (audited courses are for personal study, and do not include Yoga Alliance certification).

  • Navanga Yoga

    This class teaches the traditional 8-part method of yoga with a 9th part, compassionate wisdom, These 9 methods together accelerate us rapidly toward the ultimate goal of yoga.

  • Mapping the Inner Body

    Learn how to naivgate your inner world to create a more joyful mind and a healthier body. Understand how to work with the five layers of reality, and how the inner and outer-methods of yoga align the entire framwork of your being.

  • The Building Blocks of Reality

    Every tree once started as a seed. Lady Niguma's yoga uses specific "seed" vibrations to connect ourselves to the most basic buidling blocks of our physical body, the world around us, and the thoughts in our mind.

  • Relationship of Channels & Emotions

    As our mind moves, our inner energy moves, which in turn moves our breath, and finally our physical body. Learn about three main energetic channels in our body, which emotions and experiences they relate to, and how to use this knowledge to live in a state of mindfulness, compassion, and health.

  • 5 Goals, 4 Movements

    Learn the oldest recorded yoga asana sequence in the world. In Level 1, learn how specific 4 types of body movement help us attain the first 5 goals of Lady Niguma's yoga.

  • 21 Lessons from Master Taranatha

    Learn the story of lady naguma and the lineage holders of her yogic system starting, especially including master tarnata who wrote the lady naguma root text.

Foundation Course Details

LNF1: Heart of Gold

October 3-28 (live online classes Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays). Replays available.

What you'll get:

+ 8 Live Classes: in-depth virtual training, live & pre-recorded

+ 4 Question & Answer Sessions

+ 4 Discussion Sessions

+ 3 Lady Niguma Meditations: Contemplating the nature of reality

+ 4 Story Time Class: Connie O’Brien tells the story of Lady Niguma’s legend & lineage

+ 1 Asana Series:  a physical yoga series to work at the level of the chakras. Includes

+ Posture Chart & eBook for the entire series

+ 4 Posture Clinics: pose by pose breakdown of the Asana Series

+ 30 Day Wisdom in Action Challenge: Each day of the course has a specific challenge associated with it designed to help you live the teachings. Lady Niguma isn’t information, it’s a lifestyle. 

+ Level 1 Foundation Certification: Earn a certificate by completing the homework, quizzes, and a final exam, and the 30 day Wisdom in Action challenge.

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Begin your Journey October 3rd-28th. Early bird ends 9/10.

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  • Methods for Success

    Learn the Inner & Outer Methods that make this Yoga system so unique. This is yoga that changes your world, not just your body:

    1 Asana Series

    4 Posture Clinics

    4 Meditations

    4 Storytimes

  • Live Classes & Group Discussions

    You don't have to travel this path alone. Learn yoga in community with a experienced teachers and fellow students:

    8 live teaching classes 

    4 Q&A sessions

    4 Discussion sessions

  • Wisdom in Action Challenge

    Each day of the course has a specific challenge associated with it designed to help you live the teachings. Lady Niguma isn’t information, it’s a lifestyle. 

    Integrate the wisdom, and change your life.

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Master Course Details

LNM1: Build Your Fire

Dates: Early 2023

Expand your Foundation of Level 1 by immersing yourself in a 6 day online retreat. The objective of the Master Course is to prepare you for mastery through a guided retreat experience; personalized to your practice. In this context, you will tune into your subtle body, and fixate your mind to accomplish your life’s highest goals.

What you'll get:

+ 6 day online retreat: 19 live teaching classes in-depth virtual training, live & pre-recorded

+ 9 Q&As

+ Small group discussions

+ Manual: Learn to master yourself

+ Daily meditation practice:Nadi Tong Len, Consuming Concentration Meditations 

+ Pranayama: Learn the art of Breathing

How to find “landmarks” in your personal subtle body

+ LN Asanas and Principles of Alignment: Daily live asana practice with postural alignment

+ Yoga Sutras: Lady Niguma’s connection to the most classic yogic text

+ Bandhas: Mahabandha

+ Circle Day: Learn how to structure mini-retreats called “circle days” into normal life. Do a full day silent retreat with a full day Lady Niguma practice.

+ Elements: Deeper explanation of the elements practice.

+ History of Yoga: Trace the lineage and connect to the teachers of Yoga’s ancient history

+ 30 Day Wisdom in Action Challenge: Each day of the course has a specific challenge associated with it designed to help you live the teachings. Lady Niguma isn’t information, it’s a lifestyle. 

+ Level 1 Master Certification: Earn a certificate by completing the homework, quizzes, and a final exam, and the 30 day Wisdom in Action challenge.

Teacher Training Level 1

LNTT: Shine Like a Diamond

Dates: Early 2023

This course is focused on understanding more about our bodies, and how we can develop the skills of a teacher, able to accommodate the many unique variations and needs of different people. YSI is concerned with safely and successfully assisting others in experiencing Lady Niguma’s yoga. You will learn about leading classes, designing sequences, cueing, and the other essentials of a successful yoga teacher.

For professional yoga teachers, take the full course to become a 200RYT. If that is not your goal, skip the Yoga Alliance-specific requirements for a reduced rate.

What you'll get:

+ 29 Live classes

+ 6 Q&A’s

+ Small Group Discussions

+ Manual: Learn to teach to plant the seeds to experience mastery of Yoga

+ History of Yoga: The 6 heads of yogic literature

+ Anatomy: explore the inner world specifically through the lens of the elements

+ Cueing: the do’s and don’ts of cueing. In-depth materials for variations and modifications

+ Sequencing: utilize the secrets of a flowing sequence, create consistent outcomes for your classes

+ Pace, Environment & Class Management: foster the conditions for awakening the heart and mind of your students 

+ Integrated Assisting and Adjusting: every body is unique, learn how to cater to each individual’s need in their practice

+ A Yogi’s Code of Conduct: what we commit to do, and commit NOT to do IS our practice.

+ Yogi Diet with recipes; nourish yourself and others through food & drink

+ Community: spend quality time with dedicated and experienced Lady Niguma practitioners

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  • + 4 week online course

    + 30 Day Wisdom in Action Challenge

    + Learn the asana series

    + Introduction to the inner body

    + Introduction to elements and bija syllables

    + Learn the legend and the lineage holders

    + Study and experience Lady Niguma’s unique 5 goals and 4 methods

     + Expand your compassion and live whole-heartedly

  • + 6 Day online retreat

    + 30 Day Wisdom in Action Challenge

    + Learn the Universal Principles of Alignment

    + Experience your inner body through breath

    + A deeper explanation of the elements and how to use them

    + Learn the art of Circle Days

    + Build your motivation to serve the world and attain your life goals

  • + 6 Day Online Intensive

    + Live Online Classes

    + In depth anatomy through the lens of the elements

    + Pre-Recorded Classes with Geshe Michael Roach

    + Many guided peer teaching opportunities

    + Learn the essentials of crafting a place and a class

    + The basics of being a yoga teaching professional

    + Lots of hands-on time with qualified instructors

    + Connect with a community of committed Lady Niguma Professionals

    + Leave Shining Like a Diamond

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    Learn to Grow

    You don't have to become a certified instructor to enjoy the Lady Niguma's yoga. Audit LNTT1 to save money.

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  • RYT Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher

    Learn to Teach

    Start with a foundation, gain mastery and learn to teach. Become a certified Yoga Alliance RYT instructor.

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  • Earle Birney | New York, USA

    Earle has studied with the Yoga Studies Institute (YSI)  since 2006 where he completed the five year curriculum covering the essential texts of yoga philosophy including the Yoga Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita as well as the Lady Niguma and Heart Yoga systems.  He has studied with many great teachers in the Ashtanga, Bikram, Anusara, and Sivananda systems and is a 500 hr E-RYT.  He has produced and taught at international retreats as well as completed a three year three month and three day silent meditation retreat.

  • Constance O'Brien | Arizona, USA

    Constance O’Brien’s love for yoga started in the late 1970’s when the first Sivananda Yoga studio showed up in her local town. Thirty years later she encountered Heart Yoga and fell in-love with the practice all over again. She studied the deeper knowledge about yoga’s inner practice from 2003 through 2010 with Geshe Michael Roach in Tucson Arizona. Following a 3-year meditation retreat in 2014 she became a certified 200-hour Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance in the Hatha Yoga Anusara Style. Since 2014 she has travelled through-out Asia as a teacher for the Diamond Cutter Institute, teaching yoga, meditation and Diamond Cutter principles for business. In 2019 She revived the Yoga Studies Institute in 2019 and is the current director for the institute.

  • Bob Cirino | Pennsylvania, USA

    Bob Cirino has spent most of his life playing music, gardening, studying science, and starting businesses designed to harmonize man with nature.  His drive for business success led him to Michael Roach's book, The Diamond Cutter.  It was here that he was empowered to pursue his passion for philosophy and yoga to a greater depth.

    Since then he has developed a yoga and meditation practice that help him bring joyful focus into his daily activities.

    He now serves the Yoga Studies Institute and resides in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, USA, with his wife and two cats.

  • Paola Pimentel | Guadalajara, Mexico

    She discovered yoga form an early age but took her first Ashtanga yoga class at Punto Yoga studio in Guadalajara where she kept practicing and learning from Angie Flores Saiffe (L2 Authorized ) from 2007 to 2012. She certified as a Hatha an Vinyasa Yoga Instructor in 2014.

    Under April Kuramoto’s wing (Bliss Yoga, Vancouver, Canada) she studied both her Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga certifications in 2016 and for the following 3 years they both work on different collaborations teaching workshops and certifications to different students from all the country.

    In late 2016 she opens her own Prenatal Yoga Studio “Yoga Prenatal GDL” and focuses mainly on holding space for mothers during pregnancy and postpartum. 

    Loves to spend time with her 2 girls, teaching workshops, supporting her patients and serving others.

  • Teresa Pirosanto | Madrid, Spain

    Teresa currently teaches Ashtanga, Yoga Flow, Vinyasa and Niguma yoga. She studied the Iyengar method at the age of 25 in Argentina and in Chile with Ramanand Pattel. She also studied many different methods while in Miami and even through three pregnancies. In 2007 she discovered the Ashtanga method and did a training with Manju Jois in Chile. Back in Miami in 2008 she did a training with Tim Miller and practiced with Kino Mac Gregor. In 2009 she received her Ashtanga Yoga certificate from Ashtangabaires Argentina and also traveled to Chicago to do teacher training with Richard Freeman. In 2010 she began studying philosophy and meditation with Michael Roach during many courses and retreats. She also studied Transcendental Meditation, Pranic Healing and Yoga for Children.

  • Alfonso Arzapalo | Montreal, Canada

    Alfonso was born and grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico. In 2000 his interest in meditation led him to yoga which he started formally practicing and studying in 2001. Starting a journey of learning and discovery which took him to study yoga with many different teachers and traditions including Kundalini, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Dharma Mittra and Iyengar. This journey was accompanied with travel, taking him to learn and practice Kundalini, in New Mexico and France, Sivananda in Canada, Dharma Mittra in New York and then to the Hymalayan Iyengar centre in Dharamkot, Dharamshala, India. In the mean time he continued to study and practice meditation mainly in the Vippassana tradition thought by S.N. Goenka.